Budokai Martial Arts is a school dedicated to self-perfection and self-protection.

We follow a 14 part, "Code of Mindful Action" and "Student Creed," which we believe is a part of a solid foundation to build strong, powerful youth, adults and communities.


Aiki Ninjutsu is a martial arts system with 12 lineages that have over 900 years of tradition.  These systems include 6 styles that were practiced by the Samurai as well as 6 that were mastered by the Ninja families of ancient Japan.  Unlike most martial arts systems, Aiki Ninjutsu concentrates on much more than just the physical fighting aspects of the martial arts.  We are dedicated to teaching our students the secrets to self-improvement and personal empowerment, which have been passed down over many centuries.

Our students are on a life journey to become modern day "warriors".  Our definition of a warrior is an empowered and compassionate protector of others.  When our students walk into a room, everyone there is safer because of their presence.  This philosophy can be found in our Code of Mindful Action, which helps our students get what they want in life, while making the world a better place.


Budokai Martial Arts

926 Ashland Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905
(419) 589-1234
Head Instructor: Mike “Seishintoshi” Messner

926 Ashland Rd.  Mansfield, OH 44905    E-mail: info@budokaima.com    Tel: 419-589-1234

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