Master Tim Wolfe Bio

My first introduction into the Martial Arts was in 1973 at age 10 with Judo basics that was taught in an after school program held at Garfield Elementary school. This class only lasted a short time and was taught by sempai Jackie Early. This would spark a lifelong journey into the martial arts. In 1983 I began training in Chinese Kempo Karate at Cambridge Martial Arts under the direction of Richard Dalton Sensei and Ed Shaffer Sensei I have had the opportunity and honor of training with, and instructed by many great martial artist over the past 40+ years, some of who, are no longer with us.  


Included here are just a few of my mentors. Richard Dalton, Merritt Stevens, John W. Wolfe Jr., Jim Karnes, Ed Shaffer, Howard Wilson, Tom Manson, Robert Kraus, Moe Stevens and many others and also to the many students who have helped me along the way.


Thank you all for sharing the gift. I am both honored and humbled to have earned, and have been presented numerous martial degrees and titles over the years. Often much more than I felt I deserved. I am still but just a student of the arts, who enjoys the learning and fellowship that I gain on my journey.


  • 7th dan ranking in Kachido Aikijitsu under the direction of Howard Wilson Shihan and Ed Shaffer Shihan / Dai Soke of the Kachido Appointed in 2011 by Howard Wilson as Technical Director of the Kachido Aikijitsu I had the great honor, along with Ed Shaffer of being 1 of the first 2 practitioners, officially tested by Wilson Shihan for dan ranking within the Kachido Aikijitsu family 1992

  • 7th dan Bujutsu honorary recognition Ikimono Ryu Bujutsu Christain Martial Arts Association Jeff Disney Soke 2016

  • 5th dan honorary recognition Kamishin Ryu Kodudo Arts by Leonard Rycer Jr. Shihan

  • 4th dan Tokoshikan Bujutsu and founding member of the Tokoshikan Bujutsu style  under the direction of Tom Manson Soke

  • 6th dan Chinese Kempo, Instructors Richard Dalton, Ed Shaffer Sensei

  • 6th dan Karate certification thru Tom Manson and the Tokoshi Martial Arts Federation

  • 3rd dan Tomiki Aikido, Instructors Howard Wilson, Moe Stevens

  • 8th duan Fukien Black Panther Gung Fu Fu Jian Silum Hai Bao Gongfu closed door student of John W. Wolfe Jr. R.I.P. 1994

  • Inheritor of the Slide-In Gungfu style founded in 1953 by John W. Wolfe Jr. Founder of the American School of Black Panther Combat Gung-Fu 1995 Internal Chinese Martial Arts training under the direction of Robert Kraus Sifu

  • U.S. and International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductions

  • Former Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Defensive tactics

  • instructor Former Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections unarmed self defense instructor trainer 1 (former Stevens System USD)


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