The Jr. Warrior program of self-development is specifically designed for younger children ages 5-7.  Jr. Warrior students "learn how to learn" through martial arts training. Our goal is to develop group interaction skills, self-discipline, focus, and respect. 


​Jr. Warrior students also work on body awareness through balance and coordination drills. "Stranger Danger" - recognizing trouble and getting away, is another key in the Jr. Warrior program. And it's fun! 

We understand that younger students have shorter attention spans. Our Jr. Warrior program uses interesting and enjoyable methods to keep students' attention while teaching them skills they can use for life. We believe in lots of praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Our young students are treated with respect, and are taught to return the same respect to others.  We emphasize heightened qualities of confidence, self-discipline, and control. We teach students the value of setting goals and working to meet them.


Tomiki Style of Aikido: Professor Kenji Tomiki

Kenji Tomiki's style of Aikido is a style that strives to combine the competitive excitement of Judo with the spiritual serenity of traditional Aikido.

Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979) was perhaps more suited than anyone else in history to combine the disciplines of Judo and Aikido; during the 1920's and 1930's he studied intensively with both Jigoro Kano, the founder of modern Judo, and with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Kenji Tomiki earned the rank of 8th Dan in both Judo and Aikido.


At Budokai Martial Arts, we provide our youth and adult students the practical self-defense skills needed in today's world, as well as the personal development most valued by today's top colleges and companies.


In an ever-changing and ever-challenging world, our students know how to learn, how to lead and how to win.


We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict.

Students will learn confidence, self-discipline, and control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them.

Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others.

Through praise and encouragement our students learn the value of setting goals and working to achieve them.


Aiki Ninjutsu is a martial arts system with 12 lineages that have over 900 years of tradition.  These systems include 6 styles that were practiced by the Samurai as well as 6 that were mastered by the Ninja families of ancient Japan.  Unlike most martial arts systems, Aiki Ninjutsu concentrates on much more that just the physical fighting aspects of the martial arts.  We are dedicated to teaching our students the secrets to self-improvement and personal empowerment, which have been passed down over many centuries.

Our students are on a life journey to become modern day "warriors".  Our definition of a warrior is an empowered and compassionate protector of others.  When our students walk into a room, everyone there is safer because of their presence.  This philosophy can be found in our Code of Mindful Action, which helps our students get what they want in life, while making the world a better place.

If you are a parent searching for ways to counter balance the negative messages bombarding your children from movies, television and other forms of pop culture, search no further!


Budokai Martial Arts teaches how to use and defend against all of the major Samurai and Ninja weapons from ancient Japan as well as modern weapons such as firearms. Our weapons classes are taught with realistic application for today’s world. You will learn how to adapt the principles of ancient weapons to everyday items that are found all around you on a daily basis.


Weapons training available:


  • Japanese Swords (Katana, Wakizashi and Ninja-To)

  • Tanto (Knife)

  • Staff weapons to include the Bo (6 ft.) and Hanbo (3 ft.)

  • Kusari Fundo (3 ft. weighted chain)

  • Shuriken (Throwing Blades)

  • Yari and Naginata (Spears)

  • Firearms (Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle)

  • Improvised weapons


All categories can be done at different interest levels from basic understanding of how to use the weapon to complete mastery.

To see a sampling of our weapons training, check out our Video Gallery!

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